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Plot Holes is a 2D Platformer game now in development! The concept has been around for 2 years and it is now being developed. The link to the free, early-access demo download can be found below.

The plot follows main protagonist, Hannah Hurdle, who lives in a run-down, unhappy town, full of sinkholes. On her own one fateful day, she stumbles upon a hole only to fall down into it. As she travels into a world of the unknown known as The Below, she meets odd folks of every sort and hopefully... fills up the holes in her heart. 

Any support that can be received towards this game will help it's development tremendously, as it will not be kick-started. The game will soon be released on Steam. Anything made about the game is completely okay! I'd love to see it.

THIS IS EARLY ACCESS. I apologize for any bugs or holes you may find along the way. Cover art will be updated in the future as well as a much more organized layout for this page. 


How to download:

1. Download the zip file. 

-There may be a few warnings and your computer may keep the game from being downloaded. Choose the download anyway option. I'm working on fixing this.

2. Right click on the zip file and select, "Extract All". 

3. Open the extracted folder and open the application.


Plot Holes Demo.zip 23 MB

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